Spoken Word

love songs


I started writing love songs
with no rhyme scheme, verses or choruses –
to mimic the structure of our bond.
the bridge in this composition
was one to nowhere
because by definition,
those are characterized by the brokenness
of one or both ends;
the disjointed map,
the epitome of something unfinished.


we took too much work.
we were unskilled labourers
who worked for minimal wages
reaping the fruits of short lived high notes
without a ground support
resilient enough to prevail against
the strain placed upon our hands.
the minute we became weary,
our bodies gave up.
this was proof of the absence
of passion and perseverance
when it came to completing our project.


we flinched at a vigorous wind
and trembled during a storm scorned,
failing to submit to the forces of nature
that were trying to show me that
the greatest of works are packaged
with opposition, and even in a chaotic climate,
it was okay to love you.


I exist on pressure.
it is in the most demanding situations
that my endurance reveals itself –
that my abilities surprise me.
and you,
you are too careful to avoid hazards
so instead of a love ablaze with me,
you chose a luke warm,
this is comforting,
mildly stimulating,
lust with her.


the greatest compliment
you could ever give me,
is to admit that I am memorable –
and I will be unapologetic
about the trauma I cause on your heart
every moment you long for me.
should you return,
this is the covenant:
we will write the greatest love song,
the greatest melody played,
the highest octave,
just as long as


Naledi Sibisi