GHOST- by Ralph Ziman

“Do you know the cost of AK’s up in Africa? $20 ain’t sh** to you but that’s how much they are” hearing this on the radio, one would just pass it off as another modern edge overly electro gumbo jingle but M.I.A’s lyrics echo a far darker truth. If you in this day and age have never come across a picture of a young African children brandishing an AK47, then you have either been blind to the world or you have been absorbed into a glittery, bubble utopia which the rest of the world would like to join you in.

GHOSTS the latest series of artwork from Ralph Ziman explores the continents fascination and dependence on guns. For decades one weapon has the power to bring entire nations to a standstill and destroy countless lives. Ziman’s colourful recreation of the weapons passes some light on the object that has brought about so much devastation and anarchy.


The project which started out as a series of murals in Venice took about six months to arrange and piece together. From the artwork to the murals that are on display GHOST is a platform that allows us to question corruption, greed and the arms trade in Africa which has created a breeding ground for internal conflicts. The exhibition which is taking place at the MUTI gallery in Vredehoek, will take place from the 24th of April to 18th of July. For more information click here:

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