Interview with Eros Mortis

In 3 words describe Eros Mortis?

sex. death. love. life. (sorry that’s four not three)


That’s perfect, it’s always good to over indulge a little now and then. So what gets your creative juices flowing?

I draw my inspirations from underground cultures all over the globe, whether its music, art, architecture, technology, or fashion. I love anything that is far removed from commercialism, and screams individuality. There’s nothing like the ideas that are pumping out of a realm where people care about genuine artistic expression first and money or lime light second. The people and things that really inspire me are never about how grotesque, abnormal, ugly, outrageous, weird, or gross something is, they care about how these things makes you feel being close to it instead. They make what they want to make, feel what they want to feel, and if you like it, great, if not, you can walk away and not sit with them and that’s totally cool. Its really a fresh change of scenery when all our media is bombarded with this standardized form of beauty ALL THE TIME. The people I meet, the art I like, the music i listen to, the clothes I wear, are all made out of true believe that there is someone else out there who has never fit into the box and has always been searching for a partner in crime to tear the walls of that box down.



Why did you choose to venture into the fashion industry and not do something else like synchronized swimming?

I have always been into fashion. I have worked in the fashion industry as a MUA/Hair/fashion stylist for a decade now. I went to FIDM, never graduated, because I believed in working in the field and not behind a desk. To me, there’s nothing quite like the release I get from putting on an outfit that suits me and makes me feel confident, and I think that’s what draws a lot of people to clothing/fashion. When I find designers that I adore, its like finding a soul mate, and only those designs/designers understand what you need in order to function and live a normal life in a society that perhaps you are really oppressed in as a person. Clothing can be so rigid, but so freeing at the same time. You can wear something to the office that makes you feel like shit for 8 hours, but at 5pm take all that off and get into something you REALLY LOVE and become who you truly want to be. For that moment, you can be who you want, not what society expect you to be. And the best thing about clothing/fashion is, if you evolve and change, it can grow with you, it will never leave you behind and will always give you something to live up

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