Timeless faces: Daphne Guinness

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Daphne Guinness is underrated greatness! With a striking, flawless face and classic style, Daphne Guinness is the epitome of a sophisticated fashion rebel. Her style is edgy, yet it manages to retain classic attributes. Known for her strong relationship with the late Alexander McQueen, she is a fashion inspiration and style icon to artists such as Lady Gaga and many more. Recently, she released a track called ‘Fatal Flaw’ which blew expectations. The 5 minute video for the song was directed by Nick Knight, who has also directed videos for Bjork, and is like visual ecstasy.

Is there anything she can’t do?! No, not really.

After flying under the radar for so long Ms Guinness is finally getting the recognition she deserves. We love you Daphne!